Build neighborhood of your dreams

Design house/garden/neighborhood on geomaps

Sharing links

Mark plots and shared them with friends, in social media, sales offers etc. Edit the link later (to check whether a plot was sold or not)

Design in 3D

Put houses onto map (marked plots) . Build roads, trees, flowers.

Recreate cities & neighborhoods

Use LOD2 models to quickly recreate exisiting building in neighborhoods. See if your house fits existing context. Or even modify the whole context so it better fits your local community.

House Plans

Database of houseplans, ready to be placed on any plot. Or be a subject of custom modifications.

120 m2

81 m2

68 m2

190 m2

Adjust to your needs

Change walls placements, room layouts, doors or windows types. Share a link with changes on the Internet to get a feedback from cummunity (ie: on Facebook)

Outlook & technology configurator

House from brick? Wood? Thicker or leaner walls? Windows with mullins? Longer or wider? Modern roof with no overhang or a traditional? All this is possible from a single plan.

Convert existing

Convert your 2D home plan to our plan. This way you will receive not only the 3D model but also the ability to make custom changes.
Discover the easiest and fastest method on the market. Run

Custom 3D Models upload

You can upload any model of the following format: .babylon, .gltf, .stl, .obj. and see how it looks on a lot or a neighborhood.

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