We are programmers who felt in love with architectural “Design Patterns” of Christopher Alexander . Inspired in particular by pattern “37. Group of houses” we created nlocator service with one goal in mind - to enable people ...
thinking in neighborhood scale
This is very important for us, our kids, planet and house affordability overall. Check out our blog 8domow.pl to find out more.

To follow our passion we also do programming professionally, being focused on:
  • House 3D customizers

    Get your own version of the planner customized with textures & enriched with on the fly quote.
  • Web-based 3D tools

    Build any 3D application in a browser.
  • GIS services

    Usage of any geospatial services.
  • Maps

    Support for Google / Bing / Open Street Maps.
  • Scripting in Sketchup / Blender console

    Automate things you do over and over again.
  • Babylonjs
  • Threejs
  • Blender
  • Sketchup
  • Leaflet
  • Rails
  • Ts
  • Osm
  • Citygml
  • Geoportal
  • Gugik
Contact us if you need help with your software. Or you want to contribute in any other way.


Email: contact@nlocator.com
tel. +48 501-639-631
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