Houseplan - what is it?

It's a middle-step between 2D house blueprints and full house project. It is technology independent - it lacks many details, like exact wall thickness, heighness, roof angle, window sizes (although always has some default values set by author)

Houseplans are very convenient when it comes to:

  1. CUSTOM CHANGES - you can modify to your needs : change rooms layouts, windows, doors placements and many more.
  2. EASY QUOTATION - (in preparation) you can send off your houseplan to many producers, and they can quote it in their most efficient technology.
  3. BULK ORDERS - a group of people can see and order their unique houseplans in one technology (at one producer). It will be not only much cheaper, but also they receive cohesive, nice-looking architecture. Perfect tool for developers, wanting to give its customers freedom of choice.
And don’t worry if your dream house project doesn’t have houseplan yet. You can easily do it by yourself by using our converter.
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