Reversed Development of new houses

People first, then investment.


  1. Investment in land
  2. House building
  3. Finding customers



  1. Finding customers
  2. Investment in land
  3. House building

Zero investment upfront

In traditional development, even at 100% homes pre-sale, developer buys at least a land upfront. Here it is different - before customers are found developer does nothing! This way he does not need to invest private money not knowing when and to whom he will sell houses.

Obviously nothing stops him from applying this method to a land he owns.

How it works?


who can be a developer or any person

1. Obtains land exclusivity Optional

from owner, for a period of time, e.g. 3 months for a start.

This form of house building is designed for areas less attractive to common developers (e.g. more distant from cities), where land owners are more likely to use alternative solutions.

If we do not want or cannot obtain exclusivity, we can take a risk and design a neighborhood hoping nobody buys the land in the meantime. Then usually only a secret link would be propagated among selected people (so that as few people as possible know about our plans).

2. Prepares a neighborhood project

houses can be more or less random pick. He can also add architectural restrictions (area, height, etc.)

3. Collects reservations

for lots and houses. There is also an option that the locator will allow you to choose any project


The purchase process looks similar to the traditional one except one thing - until all buyers have gathered, a purchase cannot be made!

1. Browse neighborhoods

2. Make reservation

3. Wait

Until all other lots get reserved!


Each customer proceeds to purchase their lot and at the same time signs a contract commissioning the construction of the house *. If the locator is a developer, all sign a contract with him. If a private individual, then with one designated contractor.

*) the contract for the purchase of the house should include a penalty clause in the event of contracting out. This is a guarantee that no one will contract out in hope that others will cover the common costs and he will sell the lot for profit.

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